Filmmaker, Sam Kessie is a British Ghanaian writer/director whose passion for the arts began very young when her parents unknowingly encouraged this by taking her to see pantomimes, theater and movies. Moving to Ghana from London at a young age also allowed Sam to have a mixture of cultures that plays a very integral part of who she is as an artist today. After a being on a rollercoaster ride in life and what she wanted to do, Sam finally quit her job in the sciences, went back to school and now embarks on a journey creating an art in film and storytelling. Her senior thesis film, ‘Sales Day’, caused a stir on campus winning first place at her school’s video festival. She graduated with Magna Cum Laude and was awarded with the Outstanding Student Award in the media department.

She has since won several awards as well as recognition such as the documentary about the former Ghanaian WBC boxer Azumah Nelson “Zoom Zoom - The Professor” being selected for the National Geographic’s “All Roads Film Project 2011”: Women Hold Up Half The Sky Film Series and the international MC, singer and producer M3NSA’s “No One Knows” Music Video was officially selected and screened at the 2011 SoCal Film Festival.

She also has a soft spot for children especially unfortunate ones who also have a passion for the arts. Being a strong supporter of a profession and talent that isn’t always encouraged, she embarks on a commitment by contributing a portion of her profit proceeds from projects to charities that encourage arts and music education, especially in Africa.

(Source: ourafrica)