October: African Legends

We’re overwhelmed by the unflinching support you’ve shown over the past months. The feedback has been great, and the theme of “Technology on the Continent” has come to an end as we usher in the new month. For the next 30 days we’ll have a celebration of heroes.

We believe efforts should not go unnoticed, so we’ve carefully chosen “African Legends” as our theme for October. We are not only referring to the well-known, historical figures that carry the pride of the continent, but also the little efforts of many individuals to contribute to the African dream.

As a global African community, in line with this theme, regardless of our locations, we’ll be celebrating Black History month with our fellow citizens in the UK. We’ll be celebrating heroes, dead or alive, who have made significant achievements; individuals with great ideas.

Just as a legend on a map gives directions to a targeted destination, we hope our highlights this month inspire and lead us all to the Africa we are destined to be. Yes, Africa Is Done Suffering.

This October, we’ll be featuring amazing people doing amazing things, but we probably won’t know of everyone. Here’s where you get involved. As always, we value your input. Share your experiences with potential African legends with the entire Rise Africa community. If you or someone you know would be interested in participating in this series, we encourage you to contribute! Just e-mail us at for more information. Click to access all articles under our October 2012 theme “African Legends”. Thanks to all who participated in September’s theme and we hope that you all enjoy our work this month.

Our goal is to build a community comprised of Africans who have the confidence to speak their voice and the awareness to engage in productive conversation with one another about the shared and unique lives we live as Africans and members of the African diaspora. We’ll be looking forward to providing personal, educational, and stimulating posts for you all this month. Stay tuned!

At the beginning of this post we made known our appreciation for your support. We’re truly grateful, and that’s why we recognize you, our followers, as heroes.

You’re Legendary. Have a great month!

-Michael Annor

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