African Restaurant Week  (NYC)

This fall, for the first time in New York City (NYC), food lovers get an opportunity to enjoy prix-fix three-course meals at several high-caliber African restaurants, between Sunday October 13 and Sunday October 20.

 A food and wine tasting party at Taj Lounge (48 W 21st Street, Chelsea, NYC) from 2PM-8PM on Sunday, October 13.  A variety of African wines and cuisine prepared by celebrity chefs Pierre Thiam, Brian Hayford and Chekh Cisse and A. Cisse will be illustrated at the event. This event will include food, wine, music, networking and philanthropy. Advance discounted $30 tickets are available for purchase online at;

o       A variety of other food and wine events betweenOctober 14 and October 20 at six participating locations:

o   “AfroBeats & Dinner” on Monday, October 14, from 4PM until 7PM, at Amarachi ( located at: 325 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY;

o   “Africa  & Food” on Wednesday, October 16, from 6PM until 10:30PM, at LeSouk Harem ( located at: 510 LaGuardia Place, New York, NY;

o   “African Food and Wine meets Brooklyn” on Thursday, October 17, from 5PM until 10PM at Bedvyne ( located at: 370 Tompkins Avenue,  Brooklyn, NY;

o   “African Cuisine & Culture Party” on Friday, October 18, from 10PM until 2AM, at Buka located at: 945 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY;

o   “A Taste of Senegal” on Saturday, October 19, from 2PM until 7PM, at Jollof ( located at:1168 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY;

o   “Pan-African Literature Salon”, a reading event featuring three renowned African and Haitian literary authors, on Sunday, October 20, from 4PM until 7PM, at La Caye ( located at: 35 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

Complete NYARW details, including a full list of participating restaurants, prix-fixe menus, chef bios and special events are available at:  The site is updated frequently to reflect new restaurants and events.  Search #NYARW on Facebook and on twitter to get up to the minute details on new events, chefs and restaurants added to the NYARW roster.

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