This morning the world woke up to the news of a Victoria Falls nurse who is said to have attempted to commit suicide after hubby had announced he was bringing in wife number 2. To be fair, nobody ever wants to hear something like that at any point in their marriage – however, was trying to kill herself a justifiably normal reaction?

If we agreed that yes this was indeed a justifiably normal reaction, then we can definitely forgive this nurse for being selfish. Yes I say selfish because after a stunt like that who in the world would ever cross her again? Matter of fact, it’s more than emotional blackmail. I’m thinking how do you live with yourself thenceforth knowing that you almost caused another human being to kill herself?

But then again, we can argue that why was the said hubby bringing in wife number two in the first place? And the nerve too. Apparently the guy actually came with the small-house-almost-turned-wife to his parents’ and introduced her. Can you handle? Who does that? Whatever happened to ‘together forever, till death do us part’?

However, hurtful as this kind of betrayal may be, I doubt anyone can ever be justified for emotional blackmail of this nature. I mean, it says something about you if your significant other means so much to you that without them you feel your life is over doesn’t it?

Is it even worth it if you have to reach such lengths just so you can keep your man? And this whole issue about needing to keep a man, in this century – should we still be talking about “keeping a man”? If he doesn’t wanna stay, by all means… LET HIM GO! And sure, one is very much allowed to go nuts when faced with such a scenario – cry all night for weeks, lose or gain weight, over or under eat… and that whole list of other things depressed broken hearted women do. But to want to kill yourself? Then what? Hubby is supposed to not have another woman after you? If anything – you would have given them enough room together!
But those are my opinions ,.,, what are your thoughts on the matter?


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