Visit Central Africa and enjoy the travel experiences in this part of the world. Kinshasa is a beautiful African land to visit in this part of the world and has the largest population than any other African city in fact.

Getting There

This the third metropolitan region here and has all the airways like the Kenyan Airways, South African Airways and Ethiopian Airlines flying here.

Kinshasa is also connected to other European cities with the flights like Air France, Brussels airlines, Turkish Airways. The Kinshasa airport has today improved and looks really well managed. While visiting this place a yellow fever certificate is very much needed. One has to pay for parking access only then be able to drive a car.

There are taxi facilities in this town. There are shuttle taxi services which help you to move around.

Train service is not very good in Kinshasa as the Congo railroad that existed here has been extinct since long. There is a central train station in Kinshasa and the train service is very erratic.

There are city buses which take you around and get you accustomed to the whole place. These days there is a taxi system that has come and serves everyone here in Kinshasa. These taxis are called small buses and they run on preplanned routes . So you can see people waiting at the stops and trying to stop the taxis with a lot of gestures. This is system that works really well for the people staying locally. Traveling here requires local help and one would be better off with a local speaking the local language. So if you happen to Lingala or French it is good for you.

Exploring Kinshasa

Kinshasa City

While you are touring Kinshasa make sure you get to see the bonobos which are found at the Lac de ma Valleys. Also see the Bombo Lumene which is found lying on the road to Kikwittt. Enjoy the Barbeque alongside the River Congo. It is a memorable experience to rent a boat here just for a day alongwith a driver and also all equipments like tables, chairs and but obviously a barbeque.

Visit the Le Marche de Valeurs and go through the experience of purchasing things and enjoy the haggling part. Le Marche De Valeurs is a place where you can get the best of everything in second hand. the price is much less and everything is available as per your choice.

Go to the Academie des Beaux Arts which is on the Avenue Pierre Mulele and enjoy the trip around the Symphonie des Arts. There are many private studios here which are very much a part of the tours here. Enjoy the paintings of Henri Kalama, Lema Kusa and Nshole. All these are worth every p penny that you spend to come here.

There is a place where you could enjoy and also enjoy the street art. This is on the street that is a little away from the boulevard near the INSS building. Here you could sit at a table and enjoy the drink that comes your way.

There is a small village called Kinkole which is found in the eastern part of the city. This is a very relaxed place where you would like to enjoy the ambience of a nice village and the beauty of the fishermen market where people bring food from the river. Taking photographs here are allowed only if you pay for it.


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