Car Hire FAQs, Our Frequently Asked Questions about rental cars. Your ultimate guide to hiring a car in Uganda –The Pearl of Africa. Discover Uganda using a comfortable rental car at the most affordable rate. Do you have any burning question about hiring a car in Uganda? Planning a vacation/business trip to Uganda or any part of Africa and new to car hire services?

Planning a trip to Uganda or any destination isn’t a one-day thing. A lot is required to have a successful holiday and involves finding the right ride to make your navigation in and around the destination easier. Hiring a car in Uganda or any destination in Africa remains the most preferred option to enjoying African road trip, yet finding one can be tasking too.

4x4 land cruiser Prado
4×4 Land Cruiser Prado

So many questions have been raised around car hire services mainly to guide visitors in making sound decisions and also find the best rental car deal. We bring you a long list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about car hire. All areas of concern have been touched as per our FAQs guide below –right from our services, booking your car hire, driving in Uganda, managing your reservation and exotic car hire.

Major Car Hire Questions & Answers

What do I need to hire a car?

The important items that you require to hire a car in Uganda include a valid Identity Card, a valid driver’s license, and a credit or debit card. Visitors are also required to prove that they are over 25 years and an additional document may also be needed for international drivers.

Do I need insurance to hire a car?

No. Unless it is for personal needs, our rental cars come with damage waivers. Our rental cars are comprehensively insured thus saving you from purchasing insurance packages independently.

How old do I need to be to hire a car in Uganda?

A minimum of 25 years, but this may vary depending on the car rental company you will be booking with. Below the minimum age limit, a guest won’t be allowed to hire a car and the person hiring a vehicle shouldn’t exceed 70 years.

What are the driver’s license requirements for car hire in Uganda?

Anyone with intentions to hire a car in Uganda must present a full and valid driving license. Non-Uganda license holders should produce international driving permits in case the license is not in English. A photographic ID either passport or driving license is also a must.

Can I rent a car with a debit card?

Depending on the car hire company, some companies do accept hiring a car using a debit card. Inquire from the company you plan to deal with if they do accept debit cards for hiring a car.

How do I book a car hire?

self drive
Self Drive Road Trip

You can easily book a car online via our website or in person –walk into our offices and talk to our reservation team. Online, you will be required to fill in details in the Contact Form and our team shall get back to you immediately. Visitors within Kampala/Entebbe can visit our offices and meet our car hire expert.

What forms of payment are accepted so as to rent a car?

We do accept money transfers and cash in hand as our mode of payment for our car hire services. Please inquire more on the details about how you can pay for your car hire in Uganda with our team to avoid sending money to different accounts.

How we operate –Upon confirming the booking, you can make payments via our Pesapal account or wire it to our bank account details provided to you in the car hire invoice. Mobile money transfers via MTN, and Airtel are also acceptable or walk into the office and make your payments. A receipt shall be availed for any transaction made.

Do I need to make a deposit first?

Yes, an initial deposit of 30% of the car hire cost will be required to confirm the reservation. But this may depend on when you plan to pick it up, in case it is in a week’s time or less, the deposit may not be required. Once you have made your deposit, the balance should be cleared on arrival or before the actual date of your trip.

What type of gear transmission do the cars use?

Our rental cars come in both automatic and manual transmission. These apply to our sedan, mini-vans, station wagon and others, often hired for self-drive or for driver-guided road trips in Uganda. You can choose from diesel to petrol engine rental cars, all suitable for you to explore Uganda.

What is included in the car hire cost?

Our car hire services may also cover additional items but on request and include travel magazines, travel maps, GPS, and others.

How are the km charged?

We provide unlimited mileage thus providing you the ultimate freedom to drive to any part of Uganda provided it is within the borders. While you have the freedom to drive any kilometer, keen attention must be taken to the car, especially re-oiling and replacing the damaged tyres.

What is the condition of rental car pick up like in Uganda?

A rental car can be picked up at our offices or delivered to the location agreed upon between the two parties. An extra cost isn’t levied for any delivery within Kampala/Entebbe except only outside the city/town. Drop off the car as agreed between you and the company to avoid extra charges.

Can I hire a car and driver in Uganda?

Car With a driver
Car With a driver/guide

Yes, it is possible to rent a car in Uganda and also driver services. We have professional drivers with great experience to take you through Uganda. The advantage of hiring drivers on the ground is that they are knowledgeable about the routes and destinations in the country. They are tour guides as well which will save you money on your road trip since you will have hired a 2 in one driver/guide at a cheap price.

Can I use an additional driver on a road trip in Uganda?

It is possible to switch driving sessions on a road trip but he or she should have a valid driving permit. But usually, we recommend that the person who signed the contract maintains driving to avoid traffic penalties/accidents. So all those who would wish to drive during their road trip, must present and provide their copies of passports and driver’s licenses. Please note, there is no extra charge/payment.

Can I hire a car for self-drive?

We have rental cars suitable for self-drive road trips, but read through our terms and conditions. This will guide you in finding the best rental car deal on your self driving Uganda tour.

Can I be allowed to cross borders using a rental car?

Yes, it is possible to cross borders with your rental car. Guests with plans to go border crossing must communicate in advance to the company. This is to allow the company to do the necessary paperwork required by the immigration so as to allow you to cross with the car into another country. Crossing borders may come with additional charges depending on the company and car type.

What do I do in case of a breakdown/accident?

Before you start your journey, we shall provide 2 emergency contacts to call or text via WhatsApp in case you get issues while on the road to your destination. On the other hand, in case of an accident, the first thing to do is to call the police on 999, after you call the car rental company to notify them and see the way forward.

How much is hiring a car in Uganda?

The cost of hiring cars varies from company to company and car hire types. But there are rental cars to book from as low as USD 35 per day to even USD 100 and above depending on your car rental Uganda needs.


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