Kakamega is a town situated in Western Kenya. The town is the administrative Capital of Kakamega District and the Western Province. The town is linked to other major towns such as Eldoret, Kisumu and Nairobi by road.

Kakamega is also served by an airstrip. The town is the main trade and finance hub in the province. Kakamega is served by a number of hospitals and health centers including the Kakamega Provincial Hospital. The town is also home to a number of learning institutions including the Western University College of Science and Technology. The Golf Hotel is the town’s premier establishment and provides accommodation for many of its visitors.

Kakamega Forest:

The feature attraction for visitors to Kakamega; the forest is famed for its diverse range of bird species. A remnant of the once expansive tropical rainforest; it is now a protected area known as the Kakamega Forest National Reserve. The forest is easily reachable by road from town. The park features more than 300 bird species, 400 butterfly species, reptiles and more than 300 different kinds of trees. Animals here include; forest bucks, dik diks, leopards and colobus monkey.