Uganda has over 10 National parks and many game reserves. They have different attractions to offer, wild animals, birds, water bodies, primates, horse riding, nature walks, mountaineering, and etc.  This makes it a unique destination suitable for photography trip. There are so many to capture in Uganda. Photography involves visiting off the beaten tracks to the most wonderful places or attractions. Uganda is no doubt a good photography destination. Among the activities to do in different National Park on a photography trip include:

Gorilla Tracking

This activity can be done in Uganda, either in Mgahinga National Park or Mgahinga National Park. They are all located in the western Uganda. Mountain gorillas are rare species and spending time with them cannot be taken for granted. You have to prepare in advance for the gorilla trekking safari to take the memories back home. This can be done by taking good picture and videos for these primates in their natural environment. Moments when they are playing, feeding, climbing trees, breastfeeding, silverback controlling the group can be taken.

Chimpanzee Tracking,

This activity can be done in Kibale National Park, Kyambura gorge Budongo forest, Kalinzu Forest and Ngamba Island. Kibale is known to be home to the biggest number of Chimpanzee. Book a permit for this activity and take good picture of the immediate close relatives of humans. Since they are all big primates, they resemble Mountain gorillas but there is a difference when you look at them critically. When taking good photos, the different will also be seen. Chimpanzee Tracking in Kibale cost 200 USD and for Kyambura gorge walk its 50 USD. Visit these places on your photography trip.

Tree climbing Lions in Ishasha sector.

It’s rare for the lions to climb trees, this miracle can be witnessed in Ishasha sector Queen Elizabeth National Park. Isn’t that memorable experience! Have good storage batteries for your cameras such that you do not get limited with taking more photos. Capture them relaxing in the fig trees, climbing and etc.

Lion Tracking experience.

This can also be done in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kasenyi region. Here the visitors will go with a park guide who will help to locate the lions. This is a good experience as you will come quite nearer to these animals. The activity will allow visitors to go off track looking for these animals.  Lion Tracking experience allows clear photos with the animals. It’s wise to book in advance this activity as there is a limited number of visitors allowed to go for this adventure.

Boat cruise in Murchison falls National Park

Murchison falls are on river Nile. At the top of Murchison Falls, the Nile forces its way through a gap in the rocks, before flowing westward into Lake Albert. The outlet of Lake Victoria sends around 300 cubic meters per second of water over the falls, squeezed into a gorge less than 10 m. On the boat cruise, notice different birds on the cliff, Large Crocodiles basking alongside the river, Hippos, Buffaloes. These are all eye-catching attractions. Take good photos of the falls, its so powerful and one of the major attractions in this park. The park derived its name from Murchsion falls.

Golden Monkey Tracking.

Since this is also rarely found elsewhere except in Virunga. Listing this activity on your photography trip is important. You can do this activity in Uganda from Maghinga National Park. They are unique with their Golden color; they live in troops with Alpha male as the leader of troop. For this activity, of course you be briefed first and then enter the forest in search of them.


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