Rooftop Tent Rental in Rwanda

Rwanda Car Rental with a Rooftop Tent

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Chaffeur Service in Africa

Booking a Chauffeur Service in Uganda

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Nyiragongo Volcanoes

Things to Know Before Hiking Nyiragongo Volcano

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Common Mistakes Made by Independent Travelers

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Car Rental Tips for Visitors to Sudan

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East Africa Safari

Planning your Tour through East Africa

East Africa is a region in Africa that is comprised of countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda and travel in these countries...
Car Travel in Rwanda

8 Health Tips for Rwanda Visitors

Need to know some health tips before getting to Rwanda? Dubbed the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is East Africa’s landlocked country and...
Dog Car Hire

Choosing a Car Rental Agency for your Travels

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East Africa Safari

Exploring East Africa on a Hired Car

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Rwanda Hills

Why Rwanda Remains a Better Gorilla Safari Destination this Year

Trekking with the massive mountain gorillas in the pearl of Africa is amazingly the dream come true. Only a total of not more than...
Rwanda Volcanoes

12 Best Things to Do in Rwanda

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How to Choose the Best Country in Africa to Go on Safari

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Bwindi Babies in Nshongi

Gorilla Trekking Experience in Uganda

From being critically endangered to endangered species, mountain gorilla numbers have surpassed 1000, the greatest wildlife conservation story in the history of the world. Uganda...
African Lions in Masai Mara National Park

The African Big Five

The Africa’s big five game are iconic wildlife species and remarkably the most sought-after creatures by visitors on African safari. A big five safari...
Bwindi Waterfall

5 Things to Do in Bwindi National Park

With picturesque tropical rainforest, captivating species like Gorillas, incredible landscapes to ease of accessibility, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a destination not to miss...

Touring Uganda & Rwanda on a Combined Safari

Both countries are found in East African Community along side Kenya and Tanzania. Uganda is bordered by Sudan in the north, Democratic Republic of...
Bwindi Forest Gorilla

See Gorillas Up-close in Bwindi Forest in Uganda

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Rwenzori Trekking

11 Things to Do When You Visit Uganda

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