With picturesque tropical rainforest, captivating species like Gorillas, incredible landscapes to ease of accessibility, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a destination not to miss while on a remarkable Uganda Safari.

This Park remains on the top priority list of travelers because of its outstanding natural wonders. Of all temptations, the species of Mountain Gorillas are the most prominent and travelers’ must want.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is tucked away in the Western part of Uganda. It lies along a border that is shared by Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. It boast lush habitats that are a must stay for most of Wildlife species.

You can easily get to this Park from Kampala via Kampala – Masaka – Mbarara highway or fly from Entebbe/Kajjansi airstrip up to Kisoro airstrip.

Alternatively, you can land at Kigali International airport – Rwanda and cross to Uganda. Reaching Bwindi, there are a lot of things to make your days as listed below.

Gorilla Trekking Experience

With Gorilla trekking, it’s not all about going to heaven or hell but it’s just meeting face to face with the Gorillas in the Jungles. There is nothing more thrilling than colliding your eyes with those of a Silverback.

Before the trek, travelers are first briefed all about it takes for Gorilla trekking in the Jungles. Only eight people are allowed one Gorilla family per day. After the Journey starts heading into the Jungle in search of these apes. You will wander around not until you discover their location.

Gorilla Trackers are usually the first to go early in the morning, so they will help on tracing for these species of Mountain Gorillas. After discovering them, do all what you need in the one hour allowed to be in their presence. You can take photos and videos of the Gorillas when posing at different locations.

After one hour, next step is vacating the place such that these giants of the jungles continue with their day to day work. Return to the lodge for relaxation as you get prepared for the evening pursuits.

While in the Jungles you are not only limited to Gorillas, you can behold other Wild species in the Park. Gorilla trek requires a permit which costs $700 USD per person, valid for use by one person and usually booked in advance.

Gorilla trekking has no strict time taken and distance moved but it often depends on where these apes spent their last night.

Gorilla Habituation Experience

This is almost similar with Gorilla trekking experience, it includes trekking in the Jungle is search for these apes but what differs is the time spent with them.

For Gorilla trekking, you are only allowed for one hour which is not the same case with habituation.

More time is allowed during habituation, you can spend four hours in the Jungles with the Gorillas while following their movements, taking photos and videos of them.

This is the best option recommended for photographers who often yearn for plenty of photos and videos.

This experience in Uganda is only done in Bwindi – Rushaga sector. Its permit is a must and it costs $1500 USD per person.

Bird Watching

It is not by chance, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a paradise for birding watching and this is backed by its huge numbers of bird species that inhabit its luxuriant habitats.

Birders prefer being part of the birding excursions in Buhoma sector, this sector is recorded with over 190 bird species.

While there, you can see a number of species such as short tailed warbler, yellow-eyed black fly catcher, blue-headed sunbird, red throated alethe and more.

Another birding spot in Bwindi is the Mubwindi swamp; you can take a three hour hike from Ruhija that winds through dense forests. Views of numerous bird species are inspirational.

Batwa Community visit

The Batwa people were local hunters who migrated from Ituri forest reserve of Democratic Republic of Congo. These people used forests as shelter, tree leaves as medicine, bush meat as food.

After migration some settled in Rwanda and others in the western wing of Uganda near parks like Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. These people later upgraded from being forest dwellers to normal human beings, there are now living in communities.

After Gorilla trek, you can visit them in the evening to delve into their ancient history, experience their standards of living and more.

Hiking Adventures

Bwindi features a number of hiking trails suitable for lovers of hiking expeditions. Visitors are advised to book in advance or a day before.

There are three trails that begin from Buhoma including the easiest Muyanga River trail.The waterfall trail follows the Muyanga River that streams down the steep slopes south-east of Buhoma.

The river continues through a series of plunging waterfalls before it enters the camp area.Rushura is another trial to try, it is strenuous though rewarding with scenic views across the western Rift Valley and towering volcanoes in DR Congo.

Nature Walks

Several guided nature walks that range from 30 minutes to eight hours are usual in Bwindi. They all start from Buhoma sector and rewards magical sights of Wildlife species including primates and bird species.

The three hour water trail along the abandoned road through beautiful areas of the forest and the 33 high waterfalls on Munyaga River awards best sights of monkeys.

Rushara hill trail and Mazubijiro loop trail offer scenic views of the Virunga Mountains; they are both finished in four hours.

The eight hour Ivo River Walk that leads you to Ivo River on the Bwindi southern boundary is the longest trail. For this trail, expect sights of birds and monkeys.


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