Maputo is the capital and largest city of Mozambique. The city is situated in the south of the country and is by itself one of Mozambique’s administrative regions. Maputo is also home to the country’s key port where a large part of the country’s import and export commodities pass through.

The city had existed as a small coastal settlement though when it became an administrative centre in the late 1890s, Maputo rose in prominence to become an important hub for trade and commerce; also a key port. It is estimated that Maputo is home to well over one million people.

Transport in Maputo:

The city is linked by road and rail to other towns in the country. Buses and minibuses are the common means of transport within the city and around Mozambique. The city is served by the Maputo International Airport which is also the key airport in Mozambique.

Tourism in Maputo:

Maputo is a colorful city with a culturally diverse population. The city is home to a good selection of restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. Interesting places to visit in the city are; the nearby Maputo Elephant Reserve, Nossa Senhora da Conceiao Fort and the Island of Inhaca. Fishing is also a popular activity here.

Hotels in Maputo:
Maputo is home to some of the best hotels in Mozambique. The city is an important hub for tourism and travel and offers a good selection of accommodation options many within easy reach of the airport and city centre.

The Hotel Polana: largely rebuilt and renovated in recent years, this is probably the leading hotel in the city of Maputo. A five star hotel, Polana is situated near the heart of the city at Julius Nyerere Avenue. The hotel offers a wide range of services and facilities including; swimming pool, tennis courts, health and fitness center, bars, restaurants, art gallery, 168 rooms with air conditioning, internet access and satellite television.

The Ibis Hotel Maputo: another popular hotel in the city situated at Ave 25 de Setembro near the city centre. The hotel was established in 1960 and offers; access to a golf course, business and meeting facilities, internet access, gift shop, rooms with satellite television and air conditioning, restaurant and bar.

Hotel Avenida: amicably situated a walk away from the beach near the city centre, the Avenida is another of Maputo’s leading hotels. The hotel offers a wide range of services including; satellite television, air conditioned rooms, restaurant, swimming pool, fitness center and bar.

Flights to Maputo:

There are a number of airlines that offer regular scheduled flights to the city of Maputo from major cities in Europe, North America and Africa.

The city is served by the Maputo International Airport which is the key airport in the country. The airport also handles domestic as well as charter flights to the city. Transport into the city is mainly by public means (usually bus or minibus) or taxi; though there are a number of car hire agencies that serve Maputo.

Kenya Airways, TAP Portugal, Star Alliance and South African Airways all offer regular scheduled flights to the Mozambican Capital landing at the Maputo International Airport.