There is a plethora of tribes in Africa. The culture varies across tribes. Tribes in Africa have trouble tracing their lineage. Mentioned below are the most important tribes in Africa.


The Afar inhabitants primarily reside in Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia and Eritrea. These inhabitants predominantly occupy the horn of Africa.


The tribe of Anlo-Ewe is predominantly found in Ghana’s southeastern corner. Their settlement dates back to the 15th century. Their ancestral home was in Notsie.


The Amhara are the ethnic community residing in Ethiopia. Their population is concentrated in Ethiopia’s highland plateaus. The provinces of Gojjam and Begemder have large concentrations of this tribe.


The people of Bakongo are also known as the Kongo. They reside on Africa’s Atlantic coast. They traditionally arrived from Pointe Noire and Congo.


This tribe primarily resides in Mali. They are a Mande racial group. Bambara is the most dominant tribe in Mali.


They occupy Zambia’s northeastern region. They are the largest ethnic community in Zambia’s Northern Province.


The Bobo tribe has resided in Burkina Faso and Mali. They are renowned the world over for their masks. They wear these masks along with fancy outfits during important celebrations. The tribe survived on agriculture. They also traded in cotton.


The Chewa tribe is fondly known as Cewa or Chichewa. The tribe originated in the first millennium AD. They primarily inhabit Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi.


The Dogon are known to inhabit the cliffs. They seemed to thrive in Burkina Faso and southeastern Mali. They have maintained their culture despite invasions from the Islamic nations.


The Fang are renowned for guardian figures. They attached them to wooden boxes, which contain their ancestors’ bones. The bones are regarded as a source of power. The dead were believed to be as powerful as the living.


This tribe originated in Nigeria. Thousands of individuals belong to this tribe. The families are numerous and extended.


The Maasai are known for their warrior skills. They inhabited the Eastern African plains. The present population is a mere fraction of the former numbers.


Ba means people. The Pygmies included Bambuti, Batwa, Bagyeli, and Bayaka. They are scattered across various regions of Africa, including Congo, Cameroon, Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda.


The Zulu tribe is the largest tribe inhabiting South Africa. They are renowned for their beadwork and elaborate baskets. The carvings are intricate.


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