Alexandria is a key Egyptian city, one of the largest and is only second to Cairo in terms of population. The city is home to the main seaport and is situated in the north of the country off the Mediterranean Sea.

Alexandria is named after its founder “Alexander the Great” who established the city around 330 BC. The city quickly grew in size and prominence as a centre for culture, education and government.

Today, the city is home to a number of important industries mainly seaport and maritime activities.

Alexandria also presents a number of interesting places to visit such as: ancient ruins, monuments and archaeological sites.

Most notable are; the Alexandria amphitheatre, the Sphinx and the Alexandria Lighthouse which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

The city is served by the El Nouzha international airport. It is also connected to other Egyptian cities by road and rail.

For entertainment, the city has a number of sporting clubs, hotels, restaurants, resorts, pubs and nightclubs. The Mediterranean also provides an ample location for indulging in a variety of water sports.

Hotels in Alexandria:
Alexandria has a good range of hotels and resorts providing quality accommodation for the numerous tourists who visit this port city each year. Popular hotels in Alexandria include:

Helnan Palestine Hotel:

Occupying the Montazah Palace, this is a reputable five star hotel situated on a beachfront property. The hotel offers its visitors; internet access, restaurant, bar, health and fitness center, air conditioned rooms, gift shop, swimming pool and access to water sports including skiing and scuba diving.

Hotel Metropole: another of the city’s top hotels; it is situated at 52 Saad Zaghloul Street within easy reach of the city centre. The hotel offers; air conditioned rooms, tv, restaurant, shop and laundry services.