If you have won yourself a low rental cost for a legit car rental Agency, chances are high you booked your car through Mum and Dad Uganda Tours. However, is the cost that you originally saw indicated, the final price that you will pay at the end of your car rental?

With leading rental companies like 4X4 Uganda Car Rentals, there are usually no extra car rental fees besides the ones you have agreed on and paid. However, it is always advisable to read between the lines regardless of which Car Rental Company you decide to book with. Let’s face it; It is undeniably regrettable when you think you have gotten yourself a wonderful deal only to discover when you drop off the Car, that there are all sorts of added extras, which you were not even aware of. In most cases, the extra low car rental fees you see online are nothing more than a way of luring you in.

It is important to know that what can turn a cheap or discounted Car Rental dear into a behemoth of a fee can be these irksome insurance fees, airport surcharges, sales taxes, licensing fees, and sometimes damages. Then we can’t ignore all the fees that seem a little unfair too like a surcharge for not refueling the car when dropping it off and extra fees for having an underage or additional driver.

Here’s how to avoid extra Car Rental Fes in Uganda;

No one should convince you that all the below extra fees are unavoidable, although they are not. However, being aware of what extra fees to expect and knowing how to avoid (or even at least minimize) them will keep your Mum and Dad Uganda Tours’ Car Rental bill quite affordable. Therefore, here are the few ways you can avoid these extra fees;

Avoid extra cost for having an underage and additional driver

Sadly, most Car Rental Companies will charge you an extra fee if you are under the age of 21 years because you are considered a risky driver. You might pay a higher rental rate for being 21 and younger, especially if you are traveling alone. However, you might not pay this fee if you are driving with an older travel mate hence cutting down on the high cost. Also, regardless of age, you will pay an extra fee for having an additional driver to your Rental.

Be conscious of time extra charges

Time extra fees can sometimes be double. For instance, if you return the Rental Car late, you are likely to be charged a penalty. Also, if you drop the car a little too early, you will be risking a penalty on your wonderful rate. One of the mistakes people make is not always watching the clock as a way of avoid extra fees, for having the car a little longer than booked or indicated on the Rental agreement.

Most rental companies rent cars on a 24-hour basis. If the Car is dropped off more than an hour after the expected time, you will most likely be charged for an extra day’s rental. Therefore, to avoid this, it is advisable to get the car back on time. We normally offer at least 60-minuite grace period, while other companies offer a 30-minute grace period. However, by returning the car a few days earlier, you might not qualify for the weekly, monthly or the special discount that you were offered.

Reduce taxes and airport surcharges

Regrettably, taxes can be avoided, although you don’t have to pay all the taxes that have been imposed on you. Did you know that Airport taxes are usually higher than City office taxes? Yes, you read that right. If you find a Car Rental branch close to the Airport and it won’t cost you a lot to get there, instead, choose to pick-up the Car from the City branch instead of the Airport. In so doing, you will be avoiding extra Car Rental fees in form of taxes.

Shun extra mileage fees

Much as the majority of Car Rental Companies will provide unlimited mileage, these are normally with terms and conditions. Mileage is supposed to be unlimited but it is to a certain point. Therefore, driving over a certain distance in your Rental period will call for additional fees.

Avoid collection and drop-off fees

Returning your Rental Car in a different location from the one you collected it from might call for an additional drop-off extra fee. However, this amount will depend on the location. For instance, if the nearest Car Rental branch is several hours away, these fees will swiftly add up. Interestingly, you can keep these costs low or even avoid it completely by collecting and dropping off the Rental Car at the same location.

Minimize extra charges for refueling

Do you know you can’t completely avoid refueling charges but can minimize them? You can return a full tank of a Car Rental and if you must return it empty, then be prepared to pay for the service. This is as simple as refueling the Rental Car before dropping it off, to avoid the refueling extra fee.


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