Cairo is one of the leading centers for commerce and trade in Africa; as well as a key city on the continent. The city is the capital of Egypt and is one of the most populous in the world; home to an estimated 7.5 million people.

The city is situated in northern Egypt along the banks of the River Nile. Cairo is a modern bustling city with well developed transport and communication infrastructure. The city’s airport “Cairo International Airport” is one of the busiest on the continent, second only to the Johannesburg International Airport in South Africa.

Tourism in Cairo:

Tourism is one of the major industries in this City. Cairo is a key center for Arabic history and culture as well as well as providing a transit point to some of Egypt’s important attractions.

Things to see in or near Cairo include: the Pyramids, Historic Monuments, Museums and traditional theatre Houses.

For shopping and entertainment; there are a number of modern shopping complexes as well as traditional bazaars, nightclubs, casinos, restaurants and pubs.

For accommodation, Cairo offers a good range of world class hotels, hostels including youth hostels and motels.

Cairo Hotels:
Cairo is a large modern city with a healthy tourism industry. The city is home to a good number of world class hotels that can cater for ranging traveler needs. Popular hotels in the city include:

Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel:

One of Cairo’s premier hotels, the Semiramis is a five star hotel situated at Corniche El Nil near the Cairo city centre. The hotel offers; a gym, swimming pool, access to shopping centers, high speed internet, air conditioned rooms with satellite tv, restaurant, bar and casino.

Cairo Marriott Hotel and Casino:

Another of the city’s leading hotels, the Marriott is situated on a small island on the Nile River near a number of Cairo’s tourist precincts. The hotel offers a range of quality amenities such as; swimming pool, restaurant, casino, bar, concierge, room service, satellite tv and internet access.

Cairo International Airport:
The Cairo International Airport is one of the busiest in Africa, currently only second to the Johannesburg International Airport in terms of passenger numbers. The airport opened in 1963 to replace the Heliopolis Airport and is the main hub for Egyptair, the national airline of the country.

The airport has three passenger terminals which cater for domestic and international flights. A number of major airlines fly regularly to the Cairo Airport and include; British Airways, Aeroflot, El Al, KLM, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Air France, Swiss International and Iberia.


The airport is served by buses, taxis, limousines and shuttle services which offer reliable transport to and from the city centre (about 16 km away).


Include; a good range of duty free shops, gift shops, foreign exchange services, parking and lounge areas.

Flights to Cairo:

There are a number of airlines that offer regular flights to Cairo. The airport is the main hub for Egyptair which travels from here to a number of domestic and international destinations.

Other airlines serving the city are; British Airways, Aeroflot, El Al, KLM, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Air France, Kenya Airways, Swiss International and Iberia