Africa is NOT a dark continent. The only thing “ dark” about Africa is people’s ignorance about their home. Otherwise, we have never been a “dark” continent.

Those who seem to justify the term as “unexplored”. I ask you “unexplored” to who? To the White man? Europeans came to Africa and started “discovering” landmarks that our ancestors had been using for generations. They discovered lakes, rivers, monuments, which our ancestors had been using from the beginning.

  • How do you “discover” a lake whose water had been consumed by indigenous people for generations?
  • How do you discover a mountain that our ancestors had been climbing for battlefield training and other traditions?
  • How do you rename the land that our chiefs had owned for generations?

Unless of course, you consider the indigenous people to be people of no value. The so-called savages who had occupied the continent for centuries. The same way slaves were transferred into ships better than consumer goods.

In the end, that’s what the narrative is all about. Racism and the usual power White people have exercised to black people for millennia. The narrative of the dark continent was no different. If anybody still calls Africa, the “dark” continent today, they are no different from the KKK, slave owners, and the “ Scramble for Africa” which tortured, killed, murdered African people for years and has continued to hold them down till today. From Africa, the US, Brazil, and virtually wherever black people call home.

Why can’t the white man leave the black man alone? We have suffered enough and would appreciate if the imperialist, racists, and others were to leave us alone in peace. In the end, since we were the first here, doesn’t that mean that you trace your origin to black people, in Ethiopia to be exact? Why don’t they leave us alone for once?

Before folks go crazy in the comments section, let me make it clear that I am not blaming anybody for the sins of their ancestors. I am aware that there are good folks all over the place. However, those who never learn and keep the status quo are advancing the ideas of racism and savagery that White colonists came with during the invasion of the African continent.

It is not my intention to hurt anybody’s feelings. But, the truth should hurt.


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