Virunga National Park is positioned suitably in Eastern DR Congo and its establishment in 1925 was primarily to inhabits a section of mountain gorillas that today only represent 1004 individuals on planet earth. They exist only in the Virunga National Park about 300 of them and the rest are shared between Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park; Volcanoes National Park in Northwestern Rwanda.

Virunga National Park sits in an area of about 7800sq.kms and it famous not only for the rare mountain gorillas but also other biodiversity including chimpanzees, golden monkeys, bonobos, okapis; over 700 bird species and many others.

Spotting the mountain gorillas is one of the most jaw-dropping activities here accomplished via the stunning Gorilla Safari. You can easily spot this creature despite the fact that it is now a rare creature and all thanks goes to the successful conservation effort of the park.

If there is something that you will remember throughout your life, it will be your experience of spotting the Mountain Gorilla for the first time. And this is possible only via Gorilla Trekking wherein your park ranger will guide you to reach the current site of a Gorilla family. This site keeps on changing as these creatures do not bother of the zones or borders. And if you are lucky to come to the park when they thrive within the park borders, you can spend 60 minutes in just watching them. This trekking is only specific to Africa; so do take this chance as you might never get it again.

Guided trek, mountainous landscape, rare, but a magical experience, and funny play of the creatures are some of the main features of this activity in the Virunga National Park.


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