The beauty of East African lands lies in its variety and renowned World Heritage Sites. Visitors come to East Africa mainly to have some rustic adventure of their own or to enjoy the solace of typical African lands with their loved ones. In either case, hiring with a rental company such as car hire Uganda.

East Africa has something to offer everyone with its varying climate and different entertainment options. You can swim, shop, and explore the mountains or the hidden enclaves on your own while in East Africa. The driving force behind most international visits to this country is business or recreation. People who visit East Africa mainly for business purposes are compelled to take out time for their own fun! Let us take a brief review on the specialty of each East African country.


Uganda is as well known as the pearl of Africa due to its endowment and conducive environment that is equitable to nothing else. This is the country where the source of the Nile is said to be. It is majestic waterway that forms Victoria Falls. Given its stable government, prolific wildlife, jaw-dropping scenic landscape, significant gorilla and chimpanzee tracking. It is no wonder that tourists and business types are flocking to the landlocked country, and particularly to its pulsating capital, Kampala, where construction is burgeoning, restaurants are popping up, and gaggles of people swarm the streets.

Here are a few things I bet you did not know you could do in Kampala:

Serena Hotel

It only takes a 10-minute drive from Kampala to find this amazing hotel, home to amazing African art – in the house, gardens, guest rooms. The 50-years-in-the-making private collection of contemporary African paintings, sculpture and artifacts was acquired from the four corners of Africa with many works created by Uganda’s leading artists. This art gallery comprises of thirty separate suites; four fully-furnished villas; three libraries; two restaurants; a billiard room; tennis court, swimming pool; Jacuzzi and several lounges. Relax in private, sip a sundowner and soak up nature and art in one fell swoop.

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre;

Animal enthusiasts will not want to miss a visit to this centre, where orphaned baby animals are rehabilitated. The young ones are highly dependent on their moms, emotionally and physically, so motherless animals won’t have it easy. Fortunately, this nursery provides much-needed care through ongoing critical support by this Wildlife Foundation. Visit the viewing platform near the entrance where you can see the baby animal splashing about. While there, consider spending the night at the splendid Entebbe backpackers. It comprises of charming deluxe and family chalets along with all the modern amenities. Plus, there is scrumptious African fusion and contemporary dining, including meat.

The Uganda museum

The Uganda National Museum opened to the public way back in 90s, and has proven to be a must-see tourist attraction as well as an active research and educational center. There are two galleries of “heritage objects.” The lower gallery houses contemporary art and illustrates the Ugandan way of life and how this country has evolved through various times through painting, sculpture and machetes. The upper gallery tells “a glowing story of Uganda’s development,” from ancient times through to present life. There’s also a children’s corner on the upper floor and a live demonstration in the art of traditional pottery making.

Kampala Snake Park

Don’t upset the slithery reps or smile at a snake! About a quarter hour’s drive outside of Kampala is Kampala snake Park, offering “lots of ‘scaly’ sites and activities.” The park is filled with snakes of all sorts ranging from oviparous, viviparous and viviparous. You will also find a variety of deadly, indigenous snakes, tortoises and other cold-blooded creatures. Make a day’s outing of it – there’s plenty to do, from munching on a croc burger (tastes like chicken) to fishing, golf, volleyball or table tennis.

Kawanda Research Centre

Kawanda research centre started in 90s as a government research garden and has since blossomed into Uganda’s premier Environmental Education Facility, which includes Botanical Gardens, Recreational Village and Environmental Centre. They acquire, propagate, exhibit, conserve and care for indigenous and exotic flora and fauna for the benefit of the community.

Uganda has several national parks that one can traverse and really fall in love with the animals that are harbored in these animals especially the big five(lions,leopards,buffaloes,rhinos,elephants),several bird species as well as a variety of plants that cannot be found anywhere else.


Rwanda is one of the fastest growing countries and particularly in the tourism sector due to endowment of various tourist attractions which attract people of all spheres of life.Geographically,Rwanda is located in the central part of Africa but economically it recently joined the East African conglomerate purposely to enjoy some of the economic benefits that accrue from being a member in this community.Initially,Rwanda was known by the outside world as an unstable country due to the 1994 genocide that swept the country leaving tens of thousands of people dead and a multitude of others homeless.

After this tragedy, the country did not sit back to lament about what had transpired but instead embarked on a country wide mass restructuring policy that has not discriminated the tourism sector either. Several infrastructures both social and economical have been set up and the old ones developed. Various roads have been thoroughly built especially those linking to places where numerous tourist attractions are located. When in Rwanda, everyone has an attraction to gaze at;

Come to Rwanda and discover the centuries of history this country has to offer. We all have certain things we look for when we plan a vacation, but if culture is your main attraction, look no further than Rwanda. Steeped in history, Rwanda’s capital city and several other towns can satisfy the hardest-to-please culture maven, with more museums, galleries, art and architecture than can be explored in a lifetime.

Probably one of the most recent countries on earth due to the fact that it was almost demolished to extinction and you can tell that even at your first glance. Everywhere you go, you can find something new with the latest trend of architecture emanating from the recent trends in technology. What is interesting is that history in has not really lost it’s meaning since every thing that was destroyed has been put back in its shape with the state of art designs that leave every pass by totally masmerized.These kind of paintings and designs will let you know Rwanda in the medieval time, Rwanda in the Renaissance, until the last century with the 1994 genocide and nowadays.

The only matter here for you is choosing where to go and how, but that is also why we are here to help you planning your visit, based on your history interests. Do not hesitate, come over to the reputable people with the expertise to give you a dosage of your preferred itinerary with the best rates in town and find out more about its fascinating millennial history.

Rwanda is also a country that is rich in art and culture. Rwanda, a land of art and history. Rwanda has been, since antiquity, the centre of history, culture and art in this region of Africa. The Rwandan art developed since prehistoric times. In Rwandan culture, life and art are inseparable. Rwandan artists created great masterpieces of art and inspired artists all over the world.

Rwanda is largely homogeneous linguistically and religiously but is diverse culturally, economically, and politically which is also what makes it so interesting to the eyes of visitors from all over the world? Rwanda has various big towns full of everything enjoyable you can think of like recreations, state-of-art eateries, museums, amusement centers and so forth. Such towns include; Kigali, Gisenyi, Ruhengeri, Giporosi, but especially if you’re not a first time visitor, and you get to stay here more time, we deeply suggest to go beyond that. It is hard to believe, but every little town has its own piece of art to show.

If you step in the countryside, and go visit some little villages, you would be amazed by the chances of running into some very fine pieces of art, that happen to be way less famous than the rest, because of the quantity of it that Rwanda carries.

Discovering new and less famous villages, means also getting to know Rwanda’s culture, which is something that changes every region you go. It’s not only about the classical North-South differences here, but way more than that.

Diversity in Rwanda has happened way before the Globalization; in fact Rwanda is full of dialects so also recognized as second language.

Do you need to hear more? We’d say: “Come and see it with your eyes”. Rwandan culture has a rich history that includes art, classic architecture, popular traditions, and customs.

Customs and traditions are an important part of the Rwandan culture, which is why you can get a great cup of coffee anywhere, or any kind of help from anybody.

Rwandan Customs and way of life differs to other African Cultures in many ways.

Most shops shut for siesta time, and reopen around 4 P.M. not particularly in the big city though.

La “Passeggiata” the stroll is very common too. It is meant to see and be seen. This is also related to “La bella figura” to be shown off.

Rwandese are not big breakfast eaters. Who save room for the most important meal of the day, which is lunch. Drinking alcohol without eating is usually seen as senseless, although most Italians enjoy a glass of wine and maybe a small digestive.

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