Are you adventure enthusiast and you are planning your safari to Mount Nyiragongo? What do you know about Mount Nyiragongo hiking? While hiking through Mount Nyiragongo has become one of the sought after adventures in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), most hikers have little or even no knowledge at all about what is required during this breathtaking adventure. Mount Nyiragongo stands at 3470 meters and it offers the best hiking safaris in Africa. This volcano features as one of the most powerful and active mountains in Africa. It last erupted in 2002.

Below are some of the hiking tips that you should follow before hiking Mount Nyiragongo

Have trust on people on the ground

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is one of the largest countries in Africa but also endowed with variety of biodiversity. For first time travelers, you are advisable that you first cross check with the status of the security of this country prior visiting it. Whereas it is a wise idea to consult travel advisories, we always advise our clients to not always over depend on them. Note that there is no one who is perfect and they can make mistakes. Others may have intentions to make you not realize your dreams in the DRC. However, Mount Nyiragongo is safe when it come hiking adventures.

There is no need to be extra fit

Hiking through Mount Nyiragongo requires physical wellness in you especially for the two days. The most strenuous hikes are in volcanic rocks. Depending on the altitude, you won’t be on a hurry while hiking through Mount Nyiragongo. However, the usual hikes last for seven hours depending on your speed and altitudes.

It is a full board and it isn’t

Climbers who pay for absolute package directly to the park are usually astonished that it is not as all inclusive as they imagined it could be. At least have $100 in small denominations with you as you may need to pay for a porter who will help you carry your luggage or when you need to tip those who offer a service to you in the destination. Porters can be hired at $24.

Forget that you are on continent which is supposed to be hot

Usually, the area tends to freeze up and you will need to come along with warm clothes, gardening gloves and many more things that will safe guard you from the coldness.

Never forget to come along with yellow fever certificate

Like most countries, you will also be required to have a yellow fever certificate and proof of it has to be presented for you to cross the border area of the DRC otherwise you will be charged $70.

The adventure is breathtaking

Hiking through this mountain rewards hikers and climbers with dramatic views of the most powerful volcanic crater and the most bubbling Lava Lake. It is such a humbling experience that you shouldn’t miss out while on safari in Africa.

Take note of your property

Your money and other valuable items need to be taken care of especially when you are at the summit of this mountain. Be careful with the strangers around when it comes to your property. Note that safety starts with you.

In conclusion, when it comes to breathtaking adventures, Democratic Republic of Congo is undoubtedly one of the leading and excellent safari destinations in Africa that you must pay a visit. There is more than hiking Mount Nyiragongo as visitors also have a chance to trek mountain gorillas and Eastern Lowland gorillas while in their natural habitat.


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