For whichever reason you may have to consider a Uganda car rental, it is always possible and necessary to rent a vehicle for a short term and if that’s what you want, then stop looking any further.

You can get a vehicle of a short-term service at any time and at great offer and you can select any vehicle of your choice from our fleet of all classes. If you have any question about short-term car rentals, we are ready to help you and don’t worry just come to us whether you want a car, van or truck ad our prices are friendly. We offer hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rentals.

If you need a vehicle for just few days when you’re in Uganda, we are the right company to come to because we offer short term car rental packages and don’t worry about our vehicles we have all types of cars that will suit your job or your choice. Our company grants the liberty to hire the vehicle either for a day, night, a week or longer than that and you can hire our vehicle and go for a short vacations and excursions, and at affordable prices. If you have a big family still we have the vehicles that can be used for a family vacations, we also have small and large vans for group tours cargo cars for shifting boxes and luxury cars for the special instance.

Why should you like a short term rentals:

  • In order to benefit from our huge daily, weekend car hire rates and latest deals instantly, you have to go for a short term rental service in our company.
  • When you book a short term rental services with our company, you will be picked up from wherever you may be.
  • The assistance of 24 hours at the roadside will be granted to you by our company if use the short term service.
  • The short term rental process is easy and lets you get on the road right away.
  • The short term service reduces damage or deterioration sustained from your personal vehicle

Short term car rental services come with a million of benefits such as:

If you want to explore the region or to have a weekend adventure or road trip the short term service is the perfect option for you when hiring a vehicle.

Using a short term car rental service, you can use it on a business trip then after you try out something new.

The short term car rental service is convenient, because the moment you rent a car, you will get what you have paid for right away and in the shortest period of time. On the other hand this service is cost effective option to establish authorized auto rental agreement.

You can even surprise your loved ones with our luxurious vehicles and posh car rentals for night out, city ride and many other depending on your desires.

This service is also incredible for a large family break for weekend outings, ceremonies, beach and many others, vehicles such as minivans can be a perfect fit.

No matter your need for a vehicle whether a business trip or vacation in Uganda, just come give us your dates and we know you will get the perfect car of your choice from our fleet of vehicles at any time you want. Therefore enjoy a unique trip in Uganda and Rwanda using our endless vehicle options.


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