Are you planning to explore Africa for the first time or you do not have any idea about where you are going? There are lots of mistakes made by independent travelers and we are glad to share with you. Whether you are looking to a self drive safari in Africa, knowing these mistakes will help you adventure on your own and get to travel normally. Here are 20 common mistakes to avoid in any way possible;

  1. Relying completely on Guide Books

Guidebooks are made to inform your travels, not to define them.  Put the guide book down and interact with other travellers and people at the destination.  Allow yourself to explore and use on your own initiative; there is a lot more to a place than what is in any guidebook

  1. Having an over ambitious itinerary

This comes when you have read about the place to visit, read about the attractions, accommodations among others. Do not be over ambitious because you don’t need to see the whole country in one visit; planning to do so will make you feel unaccomplished. Things might be different.

  1. Over packing

Please pack only what you will need to use on your journey to avoid carrying extra weight. Remember you will also need to buy some items where you will have travelled.

  1. Trusting any local

Please be careful because some of the people you may ask might also be new in the place. Ask more than two people for a clear direction

5. Running out of money

This happens when you do not have a planned budget or being too excited on what to spend on.sit down and calculate what you have instead of landing into a crisis even before the tri ends.

  1. Booking connecting flights with a short transit time. You can easily miss your flight incase there is any delayed flight.
  2. Booking through someone you don’t know. There are many unfamiliar agencies that have popped up on internet searches as the cheapest deals. These in most cases do not deliver what they promise.
  3. Failure to double checking your documents and bookings for errors. You should also make copies of important documents such as passports, flight passes, etc.
  4. Forgetting to buy Insurance. Many independent travelers avoid buying travel insurance: At least pay for insurance and this makes you safer on your trip at any time. If you are taking risky adventures such as mountaineering, it is very important to purchase an insurance cover that includes evacuation incase the unexpected happens!
  5. Failure to notify the bank of future foreign transactions. This can lead to cancelling of your debit card. Most often you have to inform your bank about your travels so that your card can be unlocked to enable you make credit payments in places that may seem to be unusual to the bank.
  6. Failure to note the different time zones when booking your trip. This can lead to missing flights and among other programmes
  7. Making large currency exchanges before leaving home
  8. Arriving at the wrong airport terminals especially when you travel to big cities. You can lose your valuable time trying to locate the right terminal.
  9. Sticking to the tourist trail – It is important to stick to the right track. There have been instances where tourists on self drive safaris get lost by going offtrack! In most national parks, there are fines for going offtrack!
  10. Tempting pickpockets with flashy item.
  11. Being culturally insensitive
  12. Not doing research. Google search and get information of possible things to do and interesting history of the place.
  13. Drinking too much. Drinking too much will not only sucks all your money, it will also put you at a higher risk of getting robbed or injured.
  14. Ignoring local’s advice! It is important to heed to the local advice. Lots of things change and the locals are always updated about these changes. Therefore when you get a chance to get local advice it is important to consider their information and make the right decision.
  15. Forgetting to make reservationsStanding in long lines is a drag, but standing in long lines alone is almost unendurable.  Make reservations or purchase tickets in advance. Try to be flexible and never be shy about anything. Ask for help when stuck. Am sure someone will be ready to help you instead of waiting to make a mistake.


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