The best rental car deals in Uganda: How you plan to get to your destination on actual day of your safari in Uganda matters. Rentals cars in Uganda have proven to be the most popular and used means for holidaymakers on Uganda safaris to connect to their tourist sites/destinations.

Finding your dream car rental in Uganda can be challenging. Interestingly, here we have come up with the list of all types of rental cars worth hiring for any kinds of Uganda safaris. Is it a Uganda self-drive safari, driver guided tour, business, event & conference or you are traveling for corporate meetings? Still, we have you covered with a range of rental cars in Uganda especially the exceptional 4×4 rentals to tackle any tough terrains.

The best rental car deals in Uganda

Toyota Rav4 hire Uganda

The Toyota Rav4 Hire Uganda is the best in the category of Recreational Active Vehicles, available in full time 4×4. This is listed among the best and strongest SUVs manufactured by Toyota Motors. All our 4×4 Toyota Rav4 Hire Uganda are noted for their incredible fuel consumption and also comes with amazing features.

A 4×4 Toyota Rav4 is generally compact but comes with a powerful steering, AC, CD player, spare tyre, FM radio, plenty of space for luggage and for you sit comfortably. Rent Toyota Rav4, the best choice if you plan to go on a self-drive tour in Uganda, driver guided safaris, family picnics, city tours, events & conferences etc.

4×4 Safari Land Cruiser

The 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser rental is among the best rental cars deals in Uganda, uniquely designed for holidaymakers who are interested in having the best of off beaten safaris and camping tours in Uganda. It comes with lots incredible features suited for all up country road trips in Uganda, East Africa including in-built fridge, 8 seater car with a pop up roof for game viewing, AC, MP3/CD, comfortable seats, cargo room etc. Hire Safari Land Cruiser a full time 4×4 with us for all your self-drive safaris in Uganda, driver guided trips, field excursions, camping tours at affordable rates.

Safari Mini Van

The Safari Mini Van features in the list of our best rental cars deals in Uganda and this is available with capacity of up-to 8pax. This is perfect to hire for all sightseeing trips, game viewing considering the pop-up roof; AC, CD & MP3, cargo space etc. Besides, it is the best for family trips, group tours, camping tours in Uganda National Parks, city trips.

Super Custom

When it comes to comfortable rental cars in Uganda, Safari Super Custom Vans stand out. These are available with capacity of 6pax, all equipped with adjustable seats, CD, MP3 player, sun-roof. Rent Super Custom in Uganda and have the best of your business trip, driver guided safaris in Uganda National Parks/Reserves, city trips, airport transfers etc.

Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop Extended

A Uganda safari in Murchison Falls National Park or Queen Elizabeth National Park/Kidepo Valley National Park is perfectly enjoyed using a comfortable Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop Extended-the best 4×4 rental car in Uganda. This comes with mini fridge, AC among the many incredible features to make your Uganda safari holiday memorable.

Land Cruiser Prado

Land Cruiser Prados are among the best of the Japan’s Toyota Motors inventions today. These are available in full time 4×4 mid-size with capacity of 6pax, fully equipped with an MP3/CD player, AC, cargo room in the rear, FM radio etc. These are perfect to hire on Uganda safari if your interested is in driver guided safaris, family tours, airport transfers, self-drive safaris etc. We have a range of Land Cruiser series for hire in Uganda especially Land Cruiser V8, GX, TX, LX etc all available for hire at the most affordable rates.

Nissan Patrol

Worried about tough terrains in Uganda? Hire Nissan Patrol and a dream come true Uganda safari experience. Nissan Patrol rentals don’t know what tough terrains are-no matter which corner of Uganda you plan to go to, be guaranteed of a smooth road trip. These perfect for hire in Uganda especially for self-drive tours, camping, game viewing etc. The features come with Nissan Patrol rentals include CD/MP3 player, AC, Radio etc.

Rooftop tent rentals

If camping is your Uganda dream experience then we have you sorted with our best rooftop tent rental cars. These are available with single rooftop tents, double rooftop tents and all offer amazing Uganda camping safari experience.

Coaster buses

We have the best coaster buses for hire in Uganda, a mini bus category made by Toyota-the leading motor company in Japan. They accommodate up to 28pax, cargo and they are the best rental deals in Uganda especially for wedding events, school trips, company retreats etc.


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