Family vacations are a great way for busy parents to have quality time with their kids. A family vacation can be planned anywhere around the the world depending on the preferences of the members. In Africa, Uganda makes one of the best destinations for vacations and can be discovered in a number of means. According to travel experts, the best way to enjoy a family vacation in Uganda is to embark on a road trip adventure.

To enjoy a Road Trip in Uganda you need to obviously first of all plan well. Without proper planning, your adventure can easily become stressful and disappointing for everyone most especially if you have kids. You can try out the following before hitting the Pearl of Africa for your next family adventure.

Plan accommodation facilities that cater for kids

The good thing in Uganda, most of the lodging facilities accept and cater for kids. However, in case you come across any that is built for couples, with lots of spas and romantic nooks, its better to put it out on the list. Find a facility with lots of indoor recreational facilities, where kids can play safely, and happily.

For instance, on Gorilla Safaris in Uganda, trekking the gorillas is not allowed for kids below 15 years. If you have this on your itinerary, choose a lodge that will keep your kids with other activities such as simple treks and nature walks while you have gone into the forest. Some lodges will even offer babysitting or child care services too.

Don’t overload the itinerary

Since most of the children get tired more easily, make sure that the itinerary leaves lots of room for resting, snacks, or even naps if you kids below 7 years. You can plan one or two destinations a day if they are not so apart. Also make it kid friendly tailor-made accordingly to your team’s age bracket, likes and dislikes. For instance, kids below 5 will less appreciate historical tours and even a seven year old may not be able to stay still in a museum as well. Look at the places you plan to visit and think, ‘Will he be able to understand this?’ Compare the length of the tour with the average amount of time he can concentrate on one activity.

Choose an itinerary that caters for all

Destinations like Jinja have a number of activities catering for all age brackets. You can go for Rafting while your kids are enjoying a water slide adventure on the Nile. Most of the Wildlife National parks in the country such as Kidepo, Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo among others also have all age activities, so you can start planning with them.

You can get older kids involved in the planning to help you pick the destination and activities they like want.

Don’t Forget to Carry a Child Care Pack

Uganda being under the tropics, is a generally hot destination almost through out the year. Since kids get dehydrated more easily, you should plan on carrying lots of fluids. Also remember that kids are more vulnerable to sunstroke and sunburn. Carry along sunblocks or a handheld battery-operated fan. Also carry an extra change of clothes and a first aid kit. You can travel with packed food so that they can get what to eat even while on the transit to another destination. Bring a small comfort toy (which can help them settle down if they are tired, scared or cranky).

Choose a Car that is comfortable for all

Since you are with a family, you will need a large car that accommodates more than 4 passengers and large space for luggage. If you are to Rent a car for Self drive, ask around which would better suit your travel needs.

For instance, a Toyota Super custom car is ideal for family vacations in Uganda. It has comfortable seats that you can adjust to face different directions to make your kids feel at home while traveling.

A toyota Supercustom

Spacious enough for your luggage and great legroom as well as headroom to allow the kids interact with ease. It is a full time 4 wheel drive vehicle so expect a few chances of getting stuck on the road.

Always Pack your Patience

No matter how well you plan, remember, these are kids. Life in Africa is a lot more different from Europe or other countries. They may not find what they expected and may feel uncomfortable at times in unfamiliar places. Changes in schedule might be a little upsetting for them, so try to be understanding. When they have tantrums, check if they’re overstimulated and bring them to a quiet place where they can calm down.

Also get ready to pay extra services that were not budgeted for since you all know what traveling with kids mean. You will also need to pay extra for comforts that will keep them happy and entertained.


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