Looking for the best rental cars with roof top tents for your Rwanda safaris? Finding your dream rental with roof top tent isn’t an easy task. It requires time and adequate planning. But in this article, we bring to all relevant information about car rental in Rwanda with roof top tents. We believe this will be of great help especially if you plan to go on a Rwanda safari holiday, self-drive tour or camping tour in Rwanda.

A Rwanda car rental with roof top tents relieves renters from that stress of setting up the tent on the grounds each time they have to retire for the night. Our rentals are equipped with roof top tents hence providing you opportunity to explore and experience Rwanda differently. Our fleet of rental cars with roof top tents are available in manual and automatic transmission.

Rent 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers

We have the best 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers with roof top tents all available in manual and automatic transmission. These are ideal for you to discover Rwanda your way. They are equipped with a powerful diesel/petrol engine with capability to tackle all kinds of terrains in different parts of Rwanda.

Rwanda is dubbed the Land of a thousand hills and the best way to overcome its terrains is when you hit the road in a comfortable 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser. Interestingly, they come at pocket rates and no need to worry of additional charges for extra drivers, local government taxes, insurances because they are comprehensively insured and you will definitely enjoy unlimited mileage.

Choose anyone of our comfortable Toyota Land Cruisers with roof top tents and have a road trip in Rwanda of a lifetime! If you need a flexible Rwanda road trip, then there is no better way to navigate through different parts of Rwanda than using car rental Rwanda with roof top tents. These come with not only tents, but also have good mattresses and ensures you enjoy your privacy while on self-drive tour or camping safari in Rwanda.

Full-sized 4×4 Land Cruisers with roof top tent rentals take about 2pax in their tents and you won’t find any challenge folding or unfolding them. You can spend between 10 and 15 seconds then they will be open like a tailgate of a vehicle. Some tents feature 2 doors/windows but without mosquito nets. But you will find a mattress, pillows, adjustable alloy ladder and other features.

Land Cruiser GX with roof top tent

Enjoy a Rwanda safari or camping tour in the Land of a Thousand Hills using our comfortable 4×4 Land Cruiser GX with roof top tent rentals. These are preferable for either self-drive safaris in Rwanda or any road trip.  We have the best Land Cruiser GX rentals with comfortable tents accommodating up-to 2pax per night.

Land Cruiser VX with family roof top tents

Thinking of a camping trip with your family? There is no better to get to your dream camping destination in Rwanda than using a Land Cruiser VX rental. Our Land Cruiser VX rentals take up-to 4pax a night in their tents.

Nissan Patrol with roof top tent

Renting a 4×4 Nissan Patrol rental with roof top tent is perfectly the best choice you can make on Rwanda safari. We have a selection of Nissan Patrol rentals with capacity of 5 people and they are ideal for camping tours. They are equipped with air conditioners and they are available in automatic transmission.

Why rent a car with a roof top tent in Rwanda?

  • No need to stress of setting up a tent on the ground.
  • They are ideal for those interested in one or 2 excursions in Rwanda.
  • They relieve you from incurring a cost on tents and rental cars differently.
  • They are spacious for your luggage and for you to relax the legs.


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