To most visitors, Renting a car in Sudan is a perfect way for you to explore different parts at your comfort while enjoying your privacy and freedom. If your plan is to visit Sudan for a safari holiday, we have listed a number of car rental tips to guide you to have a successful and memorable trip.

Choose the right rental car for your trip

The kind of a rental car you select for your road trip matters a lot when planning a safari in Sudan. Generally, a rental car is what makes a traveler’s journey in Sudan or any destination complete.  However, when deciding on what car to rent in Sudan, it is essential to consider the rest of your colleagues in case you plan to embark on a group tour. Different people have different travel needs but most importantly, we everyone covered given our wide range of rental cars. You can choose from automatic or manual transmission and all of them are in their better mechanical conditions and can be hired at pocket friendly rate.

Driving in Sudan

Sudan like other nations has its set of rules which drivers have to observe. For first time travelers, driving in Sudan means you keep right and most cars have their steering on the left. It is essential to note that unlike developed countries, the roads in Sudan are still not to a better state and ensure you have in mind other road users, road signage and a lot more. Please, note driving at night is highly risky and carjacking is something common in some parts of Sudan. On the other hand, don’t drive when you are under the influence of alcohol as this will cost you.

Research on the rates

When renting a car for a trip in Sudan, make sure you have conducted adequate research on rates. Every car rental agency has a set rate on cars for hire and by considering different companies, it helps you choose and deal with a car rental company with the best prices accompanied by other offers.

Requirements for self-drive tour

To have the most enjoyable self-drive tour in Sudan, there are essential items you should have. They include a valid passport, Global Positioning System, driver’s license and or international driver’s permit and then self-drive contract/agreement which you have to sign.

Driver age limits

Not everyone is allowed to drive a rental car or any vehicle in Sudan and like other states, there is a set minimum age (18+) which every traveler must observe. Depending on the car hire agency you will deal with, usually, persons above 20 to about 70 years are in position to embark on a road trip in Sudan in a rental car.

Book a car in advance

The demand for rental car at times rises and that is why we advise our clients on safari in Sudan to ensure they have their cars reserved early before the actual date of travel. This also presents you a great opportunity to enjoy some of the car rental company’s offers like discounts and a lot more.

Have all your property packed

Before setting off and dropping off the rental car in Sudan, it is possible to leave behind your valuables and it is essential to ensure you have all of them for instance your keys, phones, wallets.

Take time to check your rental car

It is always important to check the rental car you plan to use prior taking a trip to any destination in Sudan. Among other things to consider include the mechanical conditions of the car you are hiring, if the tyres are okay and take record of any damages and mileage limits.


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