Guiding yourself through the most rewarding part of Africa makes a tremendous vacation for any African visitor. East Africa gives you a full highlight of Africa! Why would you spend thousands of dollars travelling the whole continent yet you got all you need in these small counties?

When you choose a self guided safari in the East African region, be it a Self drive Uganda or Rwanda then you got the whole Africa. Tracking the mountain gorillas in both Uganda and Rwanda is worthy an adventure one does in his life time. It’s only Uganda Rwanda and the Congo where these apes can be found, but preferably Uganda and Rwanda because Congo sometimes is not safe. For adventurers you got to choose Uganda because you select different packages where wildlife expeditions can be included on your Gorilla tracking experiences.

Road Trip Uganda with Ease

Seeing the wild beasts in the plains of Kenya and the big cats is not enough, but also visit the Queen Elizabeth National park and see these Lions in the big Fig trees which are not common to all of them. Track the endangered chimpanzees in the Kibale forest park and some in the Kyambura Gorge of the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Relax in the Eco Lodges of the Park like Ishasha Wilderness Camp set at the age of River Ishasha where you can spot the forest elephants at the river banks right away from your hotel room. The park is famously for the tree climbing lions but remember it’s got over 95 species of mammals including the big five so the park is worth a visit.

When you proceed far in the south western, you got the thick canopy dense impenetrable forest of Bwindi. This is a home the remaining mountain Gorillas and the Bwindi Forest accommodates almost 500 mountain gorillas out of the remaining 1060 apes in the world. This makes it an ideal point to view these apes with over 98 chances of not missing them. Visitors opt to track Gorillas double making it in both Uganda and Rwanda but still in Uganda is worth an adventure because you got to trek the forest moving up and down the slopes, so do not expect a zoo of Gorillas but a forest to hike.
Uganda Safari Vacations offers tourists an opportunity to have both the trekking in Uganda and Rwanda because visitors tend to visit the countries at once because they got different adventures.

Go on a Road Trip in Rwanda

Likewise within the Rwandan Volcanoes, you can see the mountain gorillas upclose and personal in the wild. Of all the gorilla parks, the Volcanoes National Park is the most accessible. Within just 3 hours drive from Kigali, you will be in the foothills of the volcanoes where the gorillas roam freely.

Rwanda is not only blessed with the mountain Gorillas but also the beautiful Nyungwe Primates park where you can find the Golden Monkeys, Grey monkeys, Blue tailed and other primates including the famous Chimps. The forest receives the highest rains because of its altitude leading to availability of food ton these primates and thus making it their best home.


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