Uganda is by far one of the safest nations in Africa and the world at large for solo travelers to embark on self-drive safari tours. This magical landlocked African country is set in East-Central Africa and it is surrounded by Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and many other states. It is popular not only for guided safari experiences but also for self-drive/solo tours.

Thousands of visitors worldwide confine into Uganda to explore its diverse wildlife species and its unique culture. While other visitors opt for guided tours, Uganda self-drive safaris are a unique way to discover different corners and iconic sites that make the country, a premier safari destination.

Reasons to choose Uganda for self-drive safari tour.


Self-drive safaris in Uganda give solo travelers liberty to explore different places at their own pace. Such freedom is limited to fewer destinations like Uganda one reason you should consider it a must-visit for self-drive safari tours. Self-drive tours get you out of the fixed travel plan that guided safaris or public means may tie you. Choose Uganda for self-drive tour experience and discover any part of the country at your own time without any restrictions.


A trip with no privacy is so inconveniencing and that is why self-drive safaris in Uganda are the best way to get to your destination with convenience. Self-drive tours allow you enjoy total privacy which may not be the case with guided safaris. Unlike guided safaris, solo travelers don’t share their road trip with strangers instead with those they are familiar with-mostly relatives, friends or group mates. The bond thereafter gets you lasting memories.

Opportunity to choose your own travel dates

Uganda self-drive safaris never restrict you-solo travelers have opportunity to choose the kind of the activities to do on the dates they wish. This at end gets you out of the boring environment. Amazingly, Uganda is dubbed the pearl of Africa for many reasons and essentially the fact that it is one place where you can find all that you wished to see in Africa. You are free to adjust the dates depending on your travel needs which may not be the case with guided safaris.

Decide what activities to do and destinations to visit

Self-drive tours are very flexible in that solo travelers can decide what destinations to visit and activities to do at any time of their choice. This is not the case with guided tours where usually people of different travel interests are in the same vehicle and the trip is fixed to particular places. With self-drive, you can make a stopover at any point of your choice which gets you a chance to discover a lot more about what Uganda has to offer the world.

Discovers hidden tourist sites public means cannot reach

Self-driving is more of discovering new destinations and embarking on public means may not of great help. Most taxis or public means do not reach to hidden tourist sites and also most of them don’t operate beyond 6:00pm.


Uganda has for long enjoyed its prevailing peace and stability which makes it a safer self-drive safari destination in East Africa and Africa at large. Solo travelers can safely discover different sites in Uganda return home safely which may not be the case with other nations.


Unlike public means of transportation, self-drive tours let you enjoy your road trip comfortably. For your comfort on road trip, we have wide-range of self-drive safari rental cars suited to all solo travelers’ needs. Our fleet of rental cars for self-drive tours in Uganda include 4×4 Toyota Rav4, 4×4 ordinary Land Cruisers, Super Custom, Land Cruiser with rooftop and many others.


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