The real world has diminished today mildly, there is no more of that world where there is only virgin landscapes with vegetation inhabited by wild animals. The world has been occupied with people, sky scrapers, industry facilities and locomotives. It has become so artificial, it is no longer nature. However, they say when a soldier is at war, there is always that bullet he/she saves to protect him/herself as the situation comes to the worst, so the world still has got those virgin landscapes and these are found in some parts of Africa. Embark on a Rwanda safari and explore the world that you miss

  1. Beautiful Country with Great Scenery
    Rwanda is a very beautiful country located in the east African region. This country is easily accessed as it has an international gateway called Kigali international airport and also has a national carrier that flies in different African regions and also in some European countries. As a traveler, never hesitate to come to Rwanda to explore the world at a different level, a world that brings you close to nature and also discover the good and importance of nature to mankind.
  2. Meet the Gorillas
    On a safari in Rwanda, the traveler gets to meet one of the closest cousins of mankind the mountain gorillas. These are found in the Volcanoes national park in the forest Virunga ranges in Ruhengeri district. Rwanda has about 320 mountain gorillas out of the 880 left in the world, meaning it has a third of the world population. A gorilla safari in Rwanda or Uganda is an exhilarating experience since this is the only chance mankind gets to get so close to wild animals. Mountain gorillas are peaceful animals and only animals that cannot shy away from humans if they are habituated. The cost of a gorilla permit is USD1500 per person per trek in Rwanda.
  3. Extend Your Safari to Uganda
    From Rwanda, you can also easily take a safari in Uganda and track the gorillas in the neighboring Mgahinga Gorilla National Park or Southern Bwindi. Apart from interacting with the mountain gorillas closely, these creatures are hilariously intelligent in the way they do their duties. These are animals that come close to humankind in terms of consciousness.
  4. See the Big Five
    On a Rwanda safari, excitement gets better as per now a Rwanda is an “African big five” destination implying that it is a home to lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes and rhinos. These big five animals are found in Akagera national park located in the southeastern part of the country. This a national park where one enjoys a game drive in search of the big five and also other animals like the giraffes, zebras, elands, antelopes and hyena. Within the park there is also Lake Ihema where one enjoys a boat ride as he/she views the different water animal species like the crocodiles, hippos and a variety of beautiful birds.
  5. Experience Ecotourism
    While on a Rwanda safari, the visitor stays in an eco lodge that use natural materials, the food is organic, water is so fresh and the room setting is so amazing as it is designed with African materials that really makes the visitor feel is nature.

Everything encountered on a Rwanda safari brings one closest the actual real world the wildlife, culture, food and the accommodation.  Rwanda safari packages are always available for potential visitor without any discrimination. Tour companies cater for high end people, middle class and the economy class and they can enjoy the same tourism activities in their own experiences.


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