Come to Central Africa and enjoy the travel sights in Bangui the lovely capital of the Central African Republic. Once you are here, you are sure to enjoy the beautiful sights here. This is the latest Central African Republican city and most of the Central African Republic lives here in the western part of the country, which is incidentally near Bangui. The country is a beautiful areas with the best of navigable rivers and provides a great sight to the tourist. Lying on the northern bank of the river Ubangi, this is just below a line of rapids. As the River Ubangi turns a sharp south below the Bangui and then is liked with Congo. This joining is seen in the south of the equator near a place called Brazzaville. The river is the one what demarcates Central Africa and Democratic Republic of Congo. Bangui lies opposite the town of Zongo.

AS the region is on the Central African Republic, and this is to the north of the equator the temperatures here are always 30 degrees centigrade. May until October is rainy and Bangui thus is hotter and wetter that many to the northern parts of the country.

Bangui is a local as well as administration area. Around four miles from Bangui, the airport is professional and manages everyone flights from here also go to Tripoli, Douala, and Tripoli.

There river is very near the city centre and aha s huge arch that is mainly for the presidential palace. there is also a central market that lies around 5 km further north. There are many places to see in Bangui. The Boganda Museum is very popular here and is a well organized place. it has many local musical instruments and also artifacts. The museum has cultural artifacts of pygmy. You can see the artisanal, the artistic works, and there are many paintings, carvings, bracelets and leather goods have been removed. Then you have the Perroni gallery, which is quite expensive but is necessary see here.

There is a waterfall here called the Chutes de Boali. A wonderful site this is perhaps one of the best waterfalls you would ever see. Rainy season is the ideal time to see this waterfall. Tourists coming here enjoy the sight of this beautiful water delight and go back with a valuable travel kitty.

Tribes are a mainstay of Africa and so a visit to Bangui would be incomplete without seeing the tribals here. Go the Lobaye region and enjoy the sight of the tribes here. Around 100 km from the city of Bangui, these tribals live in groups, and their huts are an attraction for the tourists. with the roof having leaves, the main body is made of liana creepers. Then you have the M’Baiki region, which is around 100 km to the southwest of Bangui. This is another beautiful locale filled with the best of natural ambience. Africa is filled with excitement, adventure, natural beauty, and enchanting locales. Visits here are thus always filled with a certain kind of unmistakable charm.

Go to Bouar where you would get the best of ancient rites of tribals. There are also burial mounds with megaliths, which are more than a thousand years old. The simple traditions of the people here and the cultural background that the regions here have are what make tours here greatly enchanting.

Bangassou is a place where you would get to see the lovely Kembe falls on the River Kotto. The sheer pleasure of the free flowing water gives you a sense of excitement and so you would surely enjoy the pleasures of this lovely region filled with the best of excitement and adventure.

The market place here is very interesting and is known by the name of Marche Central. A unique way of enjoying tours here is to visit this market place and enjoy the pleasures of shopping.


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