Africa is a land of incessant tour delights and is a place which is filled with the maximum travel pleasures. Come here and enjoy the happiness of being in a land of absolutely interesting sights and the most enchanting locales.

The Cape Verde region in Eastern Africa is one such region that has the best tour experiences and gives the tourists a great memory to take back. Go through the mornos here which are a major feature here. The morno or the mournful songs of Cesaria Evora are very popular. Cape Verde is separated from the rest of the Western Part of Africa by a huge ocean. The moderate temperatures and the absolutely stable political system is what makes this place greatly delightful. There are people of various sects living here and so you could see a vast mix of Portuguese and African heritage here. They are very exuberant by nature and if you are flying straight from Britain you would come from Dakar or lagos.

It is said that for many centuries this place has been very isolated and has been victim to a lot of drought and famine. There have been great generations of Cape Verdeans who have emigrated out of this place out of force. With the beautiful sights of the terraced hillsides here the land is mostly dry so grains here are very precious. The islands have a mix of landscapes. So you could see the lovely green valleys of Santo Antao and also the barren topography of the Maio region. Then of course there is Fogo which has beautiful slopes with the rivers of frozen lava coming down their sides. The Sal and the Boa Vista Beaches have been a major destination for most who visit this part of the land. The deep sea angler, the surf enthusiast and the morno devotee are found here and they make the whole experience of being in this place greatly fascinating.

The tourism in the region of Cape Verde is a greatly enchanting experience. These group of islands which lie off the Senegal coast started sometime in the 1970s and have gradually contributed greatly to the tourism in this part of the world. The Cape Verde islands have a very interesting landscape and comfortable climate and the sunshine and the mountain delights here make tours to this part of the world very exciting. There are lot of activities like windsurfing, diving, trekking and sailing which provide the adventure quotient to the travellers. There is lot of ecotourism also that has been mainly developed here on the Fogo Island lying around the volcano. The Cidade Velha on the Santiago island is a great destination for all those who visit this part of the African region. The UNESCO recognized this as a World Heritage Site sometime in the year 1997 and so tours here are greatly culturally oriented and give the visitor a chance to understand the region well and bask in the pleasures of a greatly fascinating land.

Till the recent times, the beauty in Cape Verde was really a secret. The beaches here with the white sand and the ambience of the blue turquoise ocean has been a major attraction here in this land of beautiful delights. There is something very mystical about this place and the historical mystery of the colonial styled towns is what made the travel delights here very interesting and exciting. So the Riberia Grande which has been the first European City is a major attraction here and the beautiful topography and the landscape only adds to the entire visual treat here. Come here and bask in the presence of a verdant land filled with the maximum delights. The islands at Cape Verde are today open to tourists and have provided holiday makers with a lot more than what they expected.

Tourists coming here find the whole experienced a blend of rich pleasures and greatly interesting delights. The people in Cape Verde are unique and are a great mix of the Brazilian and the Senegal cultures. This is a combination that has never ceased to interest the tourists coming here. So come to the beautiful land field with the best kind of music and the most fascinating kind of surroundings. This is a scintillating experience and so tours here are surely going to give you a fusion of salsa and samba with a lot of tribal effect.


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