East Africa is a region in Africa that is comprised of countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda and travel in these countries is basically Visa free for the residents of the aforementioned countries. Recently there has been the introduction of the East African Tourist Visa, whereby for 1 entry visa, you can have access to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. The other member countries have not complied with this arrangement although there is hope that it may come to pass in the near future. Thus, in case you are planning to travel to the three countries listed above, be sure to request for the right visa at the time of your visa application.

Visas to the other member countries of the East African community can be obtained upon arrival at any entry point of the respective country however take note the while entering Rwanda and you are not in possession of the east African Tourist Visas, you are advised to apply for your visa online through the online visa portal at www.migration.gov.rw

Making the right choice of Safari

In case you want to have a typical wildlife safari, then do not look further than Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda for there have more than one national park where you can have a successful wildlife safari to view game in the wild while there can be supplements to your wildlife safari with primate viewing in Uganda and Rwanda with primates especially the gorillas, golden monkeys and chimpanzees. Groups of Chimpanzees, golden monkeys and Gorillas have been habituated and fit for visitors in both countries. In Uganda, chimpanzees can be tracked in Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park and Kibale Forest National Park where you have a guarantee of 98% sighting in the later park, while in Rwanda, you can go chimp tracking in the famous Nyungwe forest national park. Golden monkeys can be tracked in Uganda’s Mgahinga gorilla National Park at a cost of USD 50 per permit and in Rwanda’s parc National des Volcans at USD 100 per permit and you can always get a permit at the park headquarters upon arrival to start your trek.

You can Go Gorilla Trekking in Uganda Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda, Parc National des Volcans in Rwanda and Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo. The gorilla permits are on a very high demand all year round and be sure to make the right booking for your permit on the right preferred date for the gorilla permits are not transferrable. Once you miss your tracking date, you cannot reclaim a permit for another date. There are a number of tour operators that can help organize a fully inclusive tour for you in these countries and you can always get in touch with any of them for a successful tour.

In case you are not interested in a fully inclusive tour organized by a specific tour operator, then why not drive yourself around the countries freely. For driving on your own, be advised that in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, you drive on the right hand side while in Rwanda you drive on the left hand side.

You can visit www.selfdriveinuganda.com for your preferred car while on a self drive tour of especially Uganda and Rwanda. While on a self drive tour, you can explore whatever you wish to explore at your own pace, and in case you are not sure, you can always ask them the best you want to do and how you would wish to travel, they always have real time information. This applies to people who have not been to this area before and also those who have been there need to always consult for real time information of the destination.

Once you know what to do, then you can easily know when to go and explore this part of Africa that is not heavily visited and be a part of a selected few who have nature at their disposal to appeal.


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